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About PDIA


Our story starts way back, in 2012.


“Communities where children and youth are safe, live quality lives and supported to achieve their full potential”.


Our mission is working with children, youth and their families and communities to enhance the wellbeing, safety and advance opportunities for holistic growth, education and development of children and youth.

PDIA was founded in 2012 as a limited company, the organization has over the years transformed into a Community-Led Initiative and is now registered as a Community-Based Organization (CBO) supporting the holistic development of children and youth affected by abject poverty in vulnerable communities in Uganda.

PDIA believes in the ‘power of Community’ as a powerful tool for development. Sustainable Development for vulnerable communities can only be achieved when communities are collectively empowered to think about problems affecting them, and collectively coming up with lasting solutions to those problems and thus, collectively taking action and responsibility for their own development.

PDIA, takes an integrated approach in its’ programming to offer children and youth holistic development and education where the components of Child care, Psychosocial support, Social Emotional Learning and Education complement each other.

Since 2012, PDIA has supported communities in Uganda and Tanzania to build teacher capacities and skilling the youth with personal Development courses.

Under our Education Initiative programme, PDIA is engaged in Community Led Learning (CLL) in communities of Eastern Uganda.

PDIA is supporting development literacy and numeracy skills equipping children with foundational skills required for further learning and transition.

PDIA is also supporting continuity of learning at home due to closure of schools due to COVID-19 pandemic.

PDIA believes in the power of play to stimulate and enhance learning. We integrate play in our activities and enhance playful interactions within the Echo-system to offer children holistic development.



Our goal is establishing and building community systems and capacity in areas of education, skills development and maternal health and child care.


Our core values include;

  • Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Innovation
  • Compassion
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